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  • Workload Responsibilities for SLPs, SLPAs, and EAs (FREE DOWNLOAD)

    It takes a village, as the saying goes, and while that proverb did not originate in the halls of a school building, there are few places where it rings more true. There will be countless professionals who support a child as they make their way towards a diploma, and this is especially true for students… (read more)

  • Easing COVID Back to School Anxiety: 3 Tips for SLPs

    Easing COVID Back to School Anxiety

    Last May, we posted our COVID-edition End-of-Year checklist with a big sigh of relief. Maybe, we thought, we will wake up from this altered reality next fall and be able to return to a more typical school routine. Of course, we all know now that this fall is unfolding as anything but ordinary. Whether you are… (read more)


    We first published our white paper, 4 Leadership Decisions to Help SLPs Decrease Caseload Size, seven years ago at a time when we were relatively new to sharing our big ideas about special education. While some of our posts from back then look rather dated in 2020 (using iPads in therapy, anyone?), SLP caseload and… (read more)

  • Save Yourself: 8 Workload Reduction Tips for SLPs

    Just about 5 years ago, a few of us were talking about caseload frustrations and came up with a list of quick ideas that SLPs could use to reduce their workloads. We made a little SlideShare with our tips and set it loose on the internet in the hopes that it would help our fellow… (read more)

  • One Model, Infinite Implementations: 3 Winning Telepractice Designs

    3 winning telepractice designs

    Administrators and clinicians are asking questions about telepractice and how to use it in school-based settings across the country. These discussions are full of all sorts of calculations about money and time, assumptions about what can and can’t be done, and worries about what sacrifices must be made.   At Hello, we’ve been at this… (read more)

  • 3 Tips for Talking So Administrators Will Listen

    how to talk so admin will listen

    Any SLP in the schools knows that they wear many hats, only one of which is the therapist-hat. Depending on the building, other hats might include scheduling secretary, preventionist, collaborator, mediator, compliance specialist, and most certainly, advocate. In their advocate hat, SLPs advocate for and to students, families, teachers, but they might find themselves most… (read more)