App Ideas: Spooky Story Dice from Thinkamingo

October 15, 2013 BY Kira Wright, CCC-SLP

This spooky-themed app allows you to indulge your students’ interest in the upcoming holiday while maintaining focus on their goals and your therapy focus! The app is a simple dice-rolling activity that allows you to roll 1–3 dice at a time. The dice contain 74 potential pictures, 23 unique to the spooky edition, and are most appropriate for students in upper elementary grades. Here are some ideas for using this app to address articulation and language goals!

  • Artic/Intelligibility goals? Let students working at the conversation level describe the pictures, or tell a story using them. For students still working at phrase or sentence levels, use a carrier phrase that matches their proficiency with target sounds:
    • /k/ – “I like the…”, “OK, it’s a…”
    • initial /s/ – “I see the…”
    • s-blends – “I spy the spooky…”, “The … scares me!”
    • /r/ – “I rolled a…”, “The … scares me/ doesn’t scare me!”
    • “Let’s say the words together and you tell me what sounds you hear.” “How many syllables?”
  • Language goals?
    • See how many wh- questions you can ask and answer about the pictures you rolled. “What’s a mask?” “Where do you get a mask?” “Why and when do we where masks?”
    • Or, have one person roll the dice, and give clues to others as they try to guess. “It’s a place where a spider lives.”
    • Roll all 3 dice and give a description of one of the pictures. Can students guess which one you are talking about?
    • Which pictures are related to Halloween and which aren’t? How many other spooky-themed words can you think of?
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