Hello Live: Admins Connect with Bob Stewart of Gladstone School District

June 1, 2015 BY Sharon Soliday, CCC-SLP

This month we talk to Bob Stewart, Superintendent of the Gladstone School District in Gladstone, OR. He is a Past President of the Confederation of Oregon School Administrators and it was a pleasure speaking with him. Also, full disclosure, I am a sitting school board member in Gladstone, so I know Bob personally.


– Total Enrollment: 2200
– Population Served: k-12
– Interesting Tidbit:  Gladstone High School graduation rates far surpass the state average. 95% of Latino students, 92% of minority students, and 91% of economically disadvantaged students graduated within 5 years. 

This podcast is part of our Admins Connect series, which highlights the experiences and opinions of a strategic cohort of educational administrators. Learning an outside perspective is valuable and The Hello Foundation is committed to building connections between administrators to promote our core value of Putting Kids First. Each 15 minute conversation captures an administrator’s answers to 5 questions. Things look different when you’re at the top, and by asking each guest the same 5 questions we’ll be weaving a rich, textured, and interesting narrative about decisions from the strategic desk. You can find them all here.