Stop the Workload Insanity! 10 Workload Reduction Tips for SLPs

January 6, 2015 BY Kelly C. Bawden, MS, CCC-SLP


This post was updated 2/6/2020. Please visit the new (and improved!) post and video here >>


We’re entering the doldrums of mid-winter — that time between the return from Winter Break and the sweet, sweet promised land of Spring Break — when you’re bringing on more kids than you’re dismissing, you stumble from intervention team meeting to IEP meeting to staff meeting, and there’s nary a stale cookie in the staff room on account of everyone’s New Years resolutions. I mean, what school-based SLP isn’t thinking about workload reduction this time of year?

We’re going to be focusing on workload solutions over the next couple of months here on the blog, and we’re kicking it all off with this little SlideShare. Born of a fast and furious brainstorming session Kira, Soliday, Scheurer and I had one day, we thought it’d be fun to share our ideas with you all, too.


Now that we’ve shared our ideas, we want to hear yours! When the work is piled high and wide, every little dent counts. So, lay it on us. Quick and dirty workload reduction tips. Go!