THF Talks – Giving Thanks

November 23, 2015 BY Gina Ossanna, CCC-SLP

Our wonderful Hello specialists chime in with what they are thankful for in their placements this season! 

Kimberly Wilkerson

“How about designated case managers for each school. Oh, so thankful!”   Kimberly Wilkerson, speech-language pathologist


Angela Arterberry

“A fast-learning, hard-working assistant who has a warm and friendly rapport with students!” Angela Arterberry, speech-language pathologist


Elsa's Head Shot

“Getting to sleep alone all night without interruption.”  (on traveling for her Hello There placement) Elsa Bro, speech-language pathologist


Kira Wright“I’m thankful for a skilled and organized SLPA! And my school secretary who answers my frequent phone calls with an infectious good mood!”  Kira Wright,  speech-language pathologist



“I’m thankful for a super-friendly staff, sweet students, a diligent assistant, and an extremely involved and supportive administration.”  Genie Preisch, speech-language pathologist


Version 2“I’m grateful for friendly co-workers, a supportive supervisor and a multitude of new opportunities to learn and grow as a new clinician:) ” Laura Archer, speech-language pathologist


susan“I’m thankful for my awesome assistant, computer technology, the chance to watch kids play in the snow at school, and crisp white hotel sheets.”  Susan Ashbury, speech-language pathologist


“IKay Jellison‘m thankful for my awesome Yakima team!”  Kay Jellison, speech-language pathologist



Christy Strange“I’m thankful for the newness of setting up a clinic and embracing the changes in my life with zest. ”  Christy Strange, occupational therapist



Heidi Peters

“I am thankful for a Hello There placement that is only a 2-hour drive from home!!! 🙂 ” Heidi Peters, speech-language pathologist



sujata_profile-pic“My beautiful drive…and working with other Hello people!”  Sujata Wipper, school psychologist


Debbie Welch “A great assistant!”  Debbie Welch, occupational therapist



Happy Thanksgiving, and enjoy the long weekend 🙂