Spreading Kindness, Finding Beauty and Being Flexible

January 17, 2022 BY Renee Limon

This young new year might not feel like the fresh start or clean slate we’re all hoping for, yet we’re finding ways to spread kindness, enjoy the beauty of the natural world, and be flexible around the needs of our families. Since you hear from me every month, I thought it would be fun to share some updates and observations from Jenny and Laura.

Update From Clinic Director Jenny

“Well, 2022 is certainly off with a bang. Omicron is impacting all of our lives and we’re pivoting constantly to stay on top of changes. Infection rates in schools and within the community continue to rise and we know that this might be impacting your family. The good news is that our staff and our clinic families are all familiar with change. I cont

inue to be impressed by the compassion and empathy that you show our staff, other clinic families, and yourselves.

“That said, we know that many people are struggling. If you know a family who could use a little pick-me-up, The Hello Clinic invites you to nominate a family to receive a gift basket filled with items to brighten their day. Use the Family Nomination Form to enter your nomination. Maybe it’s your neighbor or a family you know through Hello or your child’s school. The only requirement is that they live in the Portland Metro area. Let us help you make someone’s day! Nominations are accepted until 01/31/22. The winner will be chosen at random on 2/02/22.

“In the meantime, let us know if you would like to move your current in-person session online for a day, week, month, or more. We can pivot easily and meet the needs of your family as best we can. You may hear directly from your clinician about this option and how it might work for your family. We are also revamping our PPE protocols at the clinic. We’ve added layers of protection for therapies that require our clients to be unmasked for a portion of their session, such as during feeding, articulation, or oromyofunctional therapy. Let us know if you have any specific questions or concerns.

“We would like to take this opportunity to hear about how our staff has been meeting the needs of your family. We want to grow and improve our services and are ope

n to hearing both positive and constructive comments. This is also a great opportunity to show our staff some love. If you or your child had a great, funny, rewarding, or tender time in therapy, let us know! You can remain anonymous, so let us know what you think.

“Thank you for all the support you showed us in 2021 and for the nomination that we received for the 2022 PDX Parents’ Picks readers’ choice awards. This means the world to us. If you haven’t voted for us, note that we are on page 22 under Accessible & Inclusive Resources). Voting is open through the end of January.”

Hummingbird perched on bronze and red feeder.

Beauty Found Observing Hummingbirds

As you may know, Laura’s family has been quarantined at home and wanted to share a glimpse of beauty from this quiet time at home.

“I received a hummingbird feeder for Christmas, and we’ve had lots of time at home lately to watch the little cuties come visit our kitchen window. It’s been a good distraction and a major source of excitement at my house in the middle of what feels like the beginning of a new pandemic. It also prompted us to learn some fun facts about these tiny creatures. Hummingbirds can’t smell. They can consume double their body weight in a day. Their tongues have hair-like structures at the end of them to help lap up nectar.  Their eggs are the size of jelly beans. They have excellent memories, remembering every flower and feeder they have been to. A flock of hummingbirds can be referred to as a “bouquet”…how beautiful is that? So, this is a reminder to glance out your window every once in a while or drift away into nature for a moment when the world feels a little overwhelming.”

Despite the challenges that we are all facing, we want you to know that the time we get to spend with you and your family is so rewarding.