School Admin Survey Results 2019

January 23, 2020 BY Chris Carleton

Happy New Year from your friends at The Hello Foundation! With the second half of the year getting started and in the spirit of our theme All Together Now I wanted to share the results of our recent Administrator survey. 

Listed below are your answers to 5 different questions from the survey we thought you would find interesting. 

How important is it for you to interview a potential contractor?

The majority of admin, 84%, say they will only work with a contractor they get to interview. Just 15.8% say they will work with someone they haven’t interviewed. Of course, we always guarantee you will get to interview your potential candidate!



How important is it for you to choose from a pool of candidates when contracting help?

A slight majority, about 37%, of administrators feel it is nice to be offered a pool of applicants to interview. There was a tie between admin that just want one qualified applicant and admin that want a minimum of 3 from which to choose.



When will your district determine staffing needs and likely commit to contract help for next year?

73.7% of the surveyed admin get an early start and their first choice by committing before May 31. June 15 was also popular with 21% of the vote, while just 5.3% of admin wait until July 1 to commit to staffing for the following year.



How satisfied are you with the level of experience on-site?

84% of the administrators we surveyed said our level of on-site service was excellent, and 15.8% said the service was good. No one ranked us below that level, and that is a testament to our amazing specialists. 




How satisfied are you with the level of experience off-site?

Admin love what our clinicians are doing when they’re working remotely as well! 82% stated that our teleservices are excellent, and 17.6% said that they are good. 




Here are some comments from our Administrators that really stood out.

“We have received excellent quality of service from our SLP and she is
accommodating, agreeable, and adaptable to requests.”

“The knowledge and expertise of the SLPs
has been amazing.”  

“We are very pleased with our psychologist and
would love to have more of her expertise.”

“The two staff members we have are amazing at making
their buildings comfortable and supported with this model.”

“Laura has been amazing, very responsive, personable
and has extensive knowledge.” 

“Hello has very well trained SLP’s
and I can count on high professionalism.”

“They are flexible, understand our needs and
go out of their way to ensure
services are delivered
and parents are comfortable with the delivery model. “

“I just want to thank you for providing us with quality therapists!”

“Hello supplies responsive people who are able to
quickly answer my questions. Skilled staff pool.”

“Our SLP has been tremendous.”

We are grateful and very appreciative of your kind words!

A huge thank you to all that participated! We understand how busy and stressful your jobs can be and truly appreciate you taking the time out of your day to complete our survey. We take your feedback very seriously and strive to make any necessary changes to provide the very best service possible to your students, staff,and families.

Thanks again and here’s to an even better 2nd half of the school year!