Ignite Celebration! End of the Year Extravaganza 2022

June 14, 2022 BY Kelly C. Bawden, MS, CCC-SLP

What a fun night we had celebrating the end of the school year on Friday!! While the atmospheric river overhead meant that we had to use our imaginations for the view, everything else at Amaterra Winery was absolutely perfect. The food, the wine, the old friends and new, the raffle, and the opportunity to be the most obnoxiously loud party of the evening — what could be better?

We also want to congratulate all of our 2022 award winners! They were as follows:

Kazoo Award for High-Quality Service to Kids and Districts

Amber Cordry-Martinez, School Psych
Laura Hall, School Psych
Heather Emery-Hendrick, SLP
Chris Bell, SLPA
Lorie Harrison, SLPA
Heidi Dyk, SLPA
Autumn Schreiber, School Psych

Hand Clappers Award for Support and Consultation to other THFers 

Natalie Lemos, School Psych
Jennifer Cockrell, School Psych
Gina Ossanna, SLP
Jenny Peddicord, SLP
Brittany Waggoner, School Psych

Maraca Award for Referring Colleagues to THF 

Amber Cordry-Martinez, School Psych
Paulette Selman, School Psych

Blowing Horn Award for Successfully Completing Their Clinical Fellowship

Rachel Braga 

Fancy Horn Award for Supervising Grad Students

Sarah Kuhrts, SLP
Laura Holden, SLP
Jenny Peddicord, SLP
Magdalene Lima-Fiallos, SLP Elsa Bro, SLP 

Bell Ringer Award for Taking the Leap into a Hello There Placement 

Rebecca Coda, Alyssa Hoffman, Kaeleen Kirkpatrick, Elena Kuzmenko, Paulette Selman, Brittni Jones, Brittany Waggoner, Teresa Quiroga, Justin Polreich, Kyle Ebersole, Amber Cordry-Martinez, Launa Barnett, Bryn Quinlan, Alice Jeske, Rachel Braga, Katelynn Macedo, Lorie Harrison, Mary Thompson, Heidi Dyk, Katie Farrell

Celebrating Their 5-Year Anniversary with Hello! 

Sarah Kuhrts, SLP
Denice Edeal, SLP
Autumn Schreiber, School Psych
Laura Hall, School Psych
Natalie Lemos, School Psych
Ruth Morrison, School Psych
Kelsey Simons, SLP
Nina Simons, SLP
Alice Jeske, SLP
Janet Murphy, SLP
Brigitte Thomas, SLP

Thank you to all who joined us, and here’s to a great summer!