Bittersweet Transition from Summer to Fall

August 13, 2019 BY Renee Limon

August is a month of transition. There’s still plenty of time to squeeze in a few more summer adventures. Yet, there’s that feeling of the clock ticking. What to prioritize and squeeze into our summer before school routines fill up our free time? As we all prepare to adjust to the new season, I asked our clinic team to look back and share some of their favorite moments from summer, and what they are looking forward to as we head into fall.


I enjoyed eating Rainier cherries this summer and I’m looking forward to watching the leaves change colors this fall.


On the clinic side, I have enjoyed all of the fun camps we have had and the change it brings to our summer schedule. But, I am looking forward to getting back into the school-year routine! On a personal note, I loved exploring new swimming holes this summer. I am looking forward to moving into a new house that is larger than a closet come this September.


I enjoyed spending lazy days at the coast with my family this summer. I am looking forward to baking fall treats.


I’m reminiscing on summer travels with friends, cool drinks on a patio, and fun bicycle rides with my partner. I’m looking forward to cooking soups again in Fall.


My favorite experiences this summer have been camping trips with family and friends, paddle boarding, and enjoying as many meals outside as possible.  I’m looking forward to watching the trees transition to their warm, fall tones. There’s really nothing like it.


I did a ton of dog-sitting this summer. My number one helper, my daughter, did a lot of dog snuggling and learning about caring for other people’s dogs. We had some fun outside and did some family trips but mostly we took it easy and enjoyed a little bit of a slower pace. And I’m looking forward to wearing sweaters and continuing to take adventures.


My favorites were visiting college campuses with my 17-year old daughter (rising high school senior) and our 11th annual 5-family camping trip to Lost Lake. I’m looking forward to watching any school plays my kids perform in or support with costumes, makeup or run crew.

Wishing everyone a happy rest of summer, and a smooth transition into school routines and autumn!