February 2015 THF Clinician of the Month

February 6, 2015 BY Kira Wright, CCC-SLP

Sarah Lockhart first impressed us in fall of 2013, just months after she joined our group, by offering to present at one of our company-sponsored professional development events. It was only afterwards that we understood what a hot-button, and even controversial, topic Common Core State Standards was – and learned this was her first presentation to a group! No problem for Sarah, though! She knew that she had some unique experience and knowledge in this area and genuinely wanted to share with – or Give! to her colleagues.

Since then, through her sharing of clinical lessons-learned, thoughtful responses in our online community, and long-distance participation in our company events and the 2015 Ecuador team, Sarah has continued to display her generous spirit in a way that truly exemplifies this core value of our organization. We are honored, as are the students and staff she serves, to so frequently be the recipients of her gifts – of thoughtful input, careful research, and well-spent time!

Thank you, Sarah, for all that you give! Congratulations on being our February 2015 THF Clinician of the Month!