And the HR Leadership Award goes to…

August 23, 2019 BY Sharon Scheurer, CCC-SLP

Linda Huseby! The Portland Business Journal accepted applications from numerous Portland businesses. We nominated Linda because we value her contribution to making THF a fun place to work that lives and breathes its values. The Portland Business Journal picked just three award winners and Linda was one of them! Today, they recognized her at an award luncheon. Jenny Peddicord, Sharon Soliday and I were there to help her celebrate.

Linda HR award group sign Linda HR award

Our CEO, Sharon Soliday said, “Linda is a ROCK STAR! Did you see who we were up against? TMobile. The entire city of Portland . . . countless others. But Sharon’s write up of Linda’s big-picture perspective lead the committee to recognize our HR department of One, Linda. We’re so grateful she’s on our team and I’m so grateful she lives our company values. She’s a watchdog for our employees, wanting everyone to feel safe and secure at work. Not worried about healthcare. Not worried about retirement. Not worried that payroll is going through. She’s our behind the scenes champion!”

Linda is an unsung hero that I’m so glad had her moment in the limelight today. Congratulations, Linda!

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