Five questions with Jenny Peddicord

May 20, 2016 BY Renee Limon

We thought it would be fun to do a Q&A with clinic staff members. First up, Jenny Peddicord, our clinic coordinator.

From a parent point of view we do a lot of things around here that don’t look like speech, such as making play-dough and growing seeds. How is that speech therapy?

The great thing about communication is that we do it all day, every day. We find that supporting and developing communication skills around fun activities sparks interest and helps generalize communication skills into everyday tasks. The pumpkin, carrot and sunflower seeds are thriving and ready to go home, so be sure to grab yours the next time you are in.Hands-seedlings (1)

Tell me about the Summer Olympics Camp

We’re so excited about the Summer Olympics camp. It will feature sports themed activities and contests, like relay races, collaborative group activities and tons of opportunity for language and speech practice. Best of all, it will be directed by an SLP and customized to fit the speech and language needs of those enrolled. It’s a great way to get a speech boost this summer.

Families are asking about extra sessions and changing their therapy times for summer. What are your thoughts about summer schedules?

We understand that families want to make the most of summer’s free time by scheduling extra speech sessions. Please ask your clinician if it will be appropriate for your child’s therapy.

If you’re traveling this summer, let us know your plans as soon as possible. We can hold a regular therapy spot for two weeks, but if you’re going to be gone longer, we’d like to offer the spot to a family on our waiting list.

Looking ahead to fall, if your schedule will be different, let us know and we’ll put you on the waiting list for that ideal spot. If you currently have a coveted after school spot, and anticipate needing it next fall, we encourage you to hold onto it through summer.

What do you like best about The Hello Clinic?

My team! The Hello Clinic is a warm and inviting place, where we all get along so well and think of ourselves and our clients as family. The familiar faces and connections among client families and staff makes this work all the more meaningful. My kids love coming to the clinic, and my son has had speech therapy here. He always looks forward to coming to the clinic!

Coffee, tea or kombucha?

All of the above. I started drinking coffee six months ago, so that’s new. Generally, I was a tea drinker and I may return to tea. My husband brews kombucha, and my kids and I drink it.