THF at ASHA 2017: The 10-Days-Later Review

November 22, 2017 BY Kelly C. Bawden, MS, CCC-SLP

Well, here we are, ten days post-ASHA convention, and we’re finally getting around to posting a recap of our time there. I think that speaks to just what a whirlwind experience it is to attend! I know that for me, there is the exhaustion that comes from participating, but then that is doubled by spending the majority of the following week digging out of the hole caused by being gone from work and family for several days. The hole was made more substantial this year by the fact that I, along with my rock star colleagues Jenny and Kira, presented a 1-hour session on Telepractice. I may or may not have put off just a few things in the weeks leading up to ASHA as we prepared our presentation 😉

ASHA returned to the West Coast this year, which meant that we had many THFers who were able to attend. I thought I’d check in with a few of them to see how they’re feeling now that the dust has settled. Here’s what they shared:

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Sharon Scheurer

Favorite thing about attending?  I love the variety of topics that are offered.

The worst thing about attending? It’s amazing how tiring it can be to listen to hours of presentations! There is so much to take in and yet hard to synthesize it afterward.

The thing you’re still thinking about 10 days later? How the Dyslexia conversation is going to make SLPs skills in assistive technology highly valued and needed in the coming years. 

Will you go again? If so, when? Yes!  Maybe 2020… San Diego!


Jenna Geery

My brain still hurts (and my legs too!)

Favorite thing about attending? I enjoy being around people I can talk to about my SLP dilemmas, it’s nice to feel understood!  I also like to feel like I am keeping up with the latest research out there. I enjoyed seeing social thinking superstar Michelle Garcia Winner (almost as good as seeing a real celeb). The sun was a bonus!

The worst thing about attending? Feeling like I was missing out on another session!  Running from place to place, covering so many different topics that it is hard to remember take-a-ways for each session. Overall exhaustion.

The thing you’re still thinking about 10 days later? I have been thinking a lot about the importance of collaborating with teachers and parents.  I realized that I could be doing more to collaborate, and think that is such a key part of helping our kids progress. I also have thought a lot about dynamic assessment (for social and language), trying to figure out how to incorporate more into my evaluations.  

Will you go again? If so, when? Yes, but I need about 3 years recovery!  Maybe San Diego??

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Lucinda Bowman 

Favorite thing about attending?  My favorite thing about ASHA was not only getting re-inspired about the profession but pushing myself to learn about things outside of the normal SLP scope, as well as spending super quality time with my favorite SLP friends. 
The worst thing about attending? The worst thing about attending was three-fold: 1) the vast distances between the venues was mind-boggling, especially with a torn meniscus! 2) Food prices were ridiculous and the lack of ASHA food perks was disappointing, and 3) finding GREAT sessions was less than 50%.
The thing you’re still thinking about 10 days later? I was thinking about and am still thinking about….Michelle Garcia Winner, as usual, and a session on ADHD by Cindy Goldrich changed my life!
Will you go again? If so, when? Despite the overall price of the conference and some of my complaints, I will absolutely go again as it’s basically like the Grammy’s for speech paths. You just gotta go! Probably not next year in Boston, but for sure San Diego in 2020 and San Francisco in 2024. 

ASHA 17 Lucinda sleeping

As for me?  Well, I agree that I love learning new information and seeing what others are doing across the country. I also love the chance to be fully immersed in SLP nerdery with my colleagues (who also happen to be my friends!). I’m still chewing on lots of things I heard while there, but I think what’s sticking with me most is this TED talk by Jamila Lyiscott that was shown in a session I attended about culturally competent practice. I keep sharing it with people! Flying across the country to attend in the next couple of years probably isn’t in my future, but I’m all in for San Diego in 2020!