A couple of great Autism Acceptance videos from Apple

April 20, 2016 BY Kathleen Callaghan, CCC-SLP

No matter where you fall in the Apple versus  Microsoft debate, its hard to argue with Apple’s ability to tug at our heartstrings with their creative – and sometimes emotional – ad campaigns. As part of Autism Acceptance Month, Apple has created two videos showcasing Dillon, a middle school student with ASD who uses an iPad to communicate.  While the iPad is an obvious feature in the videos (it is, after all, still an ad for Apple) what the videos really promote is a sense of acceptance for the similarities and differences we can all see between ourselves and Dillon. This is especially apparent when Dillon expresses both his joy and frustration at what it means to have autism and challenges with communication.
Autism Acceptance Month
The videos also showcase Dillon’s mother and “therapist/communication partner,” and highlights how differences in how Dillon communicates can often be misinterpreted and misjudged – and how heartbreaking that can be for the cheerleaders and supporters in his life.  But also how joyful it is to hear a child’s voice for the first time. As Dillon’s mother says, “not being able to speak isn’t the same as not having something to say.”
Even if you’re not an Apple fan – these videos are a  must-watch and a must-share!