The Hello Clinic welcomes Lauren Forgione

February 17, 2016 BY Renee Limon

It’s time for a speech therapy scavenger hunt at The Hello Clinic. Put on your thinking caps. Here we go (reference this handy map to find clues). First stop, the front desk, and there’s a super silly clue:


But there’s a catch. The golden chicken is very possibly invisible. It’s a lucky thing we can hear it clucking.

There’s never a dull moment at The Hello Clinic’s front desk.

Here’s a picture of Renee smiling at the front desk, after locating that invisible golden chicken. Thankfully, it was a good hair day. And here’s a real picture of our new Office Coordinator, Lauren Forgione, who started with us in late January.

Reneefrontdesk LaurenF

Just for fun (because we are all about fun here), we did a little interview.

Renee: Hi Lauren! Where are you from?

Lauren: I grew up in Anaheim, California and moved to Oregon to go to Linfield College. I graduated with a BA in psychology in 2008. Psychology, neuroscience, and the differences that exist in all of our functioning is something that truly fascinates me. After college, I pursued hair design and esthetics because I really enjoy helping people feel better about themselves.

Renee: How do you like working with speech language pathologists?

Lauren: My mom was a speech language pathologist, and I have much respect for SLPs and the work that they do because their talents make a difference in the lives of so many kids and families. I love that THC is such a welcoming and warm environment and I’m proud to be a part of that.

Renee: What do you do for fun?

Lauren: My husband, friends, and I like to go to concerts, have game nights, cook dinner together, snowboard, go camping, and occasionally go out dancing in Portland.

Renee: Dogs or cats or rats?

Lauren: I am an animal lover, (been vegetarian since the age of three), and have always lived with numerous pets. Right now I have a boxer named Lucy, and a black cat named Marley.

Please stop by and say hello to Lauren. She is at the front desk at 2pm each day. Renee opens the clinic each morning now, and is here until 2:30pm daily