Keep Pushing: Hello Clinicians Going to the Last Bell

May 22, 2019 BY Kira Wright, CCC-SLP

During the month of May, many of our Hello clinicians have been channeling the #LastBell movement! They are working hard to finish the school year with the same enthusiasm, high expectations, and contagious energy that they started with.

For our SLPs this can mean using therapy time in new ways and thinking broadly about addressing speech and language targets, often in functional ways outside of the speech room! Switching up locations, adding music or gross motor components, or even letting students take the lead in project-based learning activities can keep kids and clinicians excited all the way to the last day of school.  

Here are some of the great examples that came up in a recent discussion:

  • Elsa is doing science experiments involving licorice, food coloring (of course!), shaving cream, vegetable oil, water, and more.  Each experiment covers vocabulary and concept building (think everything between ‘hypothesis’ to spatial locations), making predictions, sequencing, comparing/contrasting, and higher level questions.  
  • Kimberly is adding gross motor aspects to articulation practice – with high interest and great results! 
  • Jordan is organizing a Protect the Earth project where groups are making PSA posters with targeted vocabulary words to hang in the hallway.

Whether you are taking field trips on school buses or video cameras, or reaching out through staff-room mailboxes or email, your efforts make a difference in May and Every Day! What are you doing to finish strong?