School Admin Survey Results 2021

January 11, 2022 BY Chris Carleton

the words "ignite confidence" written in yellow, with fireworks replacing the second i in "ignite;" the hello foundation written below in a teal-colored rectangle

Happy New Year from your friends at The Hello Foundation!
With the second half of the year starting and in the spirit of our theme Ignite Confidence, I wanted to share the results of our recent Administrator survey. Here are some highlights!


Pie chart with values 79% excellent, 13% good, 8% average; text overlay reads "92% of respondents rated the elvel of service they've experienced working with the The Hello Foundation as excellent or good"

The first thing we always ask is how we’re doing. 92% of our respondents rated the level of service they’ve experienced working with The Hello Foundation as Excellent or Good. We’re extremely proud of this, especially given the challenges that everyone in public education has faced this school year.

Donut chart with 92% positive; text overlay reads "92% of respondents rated would be willing to share their experiences with The Hello Foundation with other school administrators"

There is the old adage that referrals are the highest form of professional compliments, so when we saw that 92% of our respondents would be willing to share their experiences with The Hello Foundation with other school administrators, we were humbled and flattered.

Word cloud inside a circle border; cloud contains the word Quality in large print in the center, also has the words exceptional, professional, expertise, flexible, positive, accessible, friendlly, willing, service, accountability, communities, consistency, experienced, colleagues, personable, informative, genuine, great, growth, helpful, work, skill, knowledge care, unique, team, amazing

We also give respondents an opportunity to answer the question, “What has been the best part of your experience working with The Hello Foundation?” The word cloud above highlights what was mentioned most often. Given that one of our core values is Provide Quality Service, we were pretty excited to see that that was the word most often used in the responses. Here are a few of the other comments that caught our eye.

  • The responsiveness and quality of the clinicians
  • Gretchen is amazing and is super knowledgeable and flexible!
  • The expertise of staff.
  • Flexibility, consistency, accountability, and quality of service provided.
  • Communication with the speech pathologist is easy and accessible. Communication with the main office is friendly, informative, and encouraging. I appreciate the information and training regarding the challenges of our current times.
  • Laura and Jordan are both amazing at their jobs. They are personable, communicative, intelligent, and caring about students, staff, and parents.
  • We have a great working relationship with our Speech Therapist. She is very skilled in teletherapy. During the pandemic and remote learning, this has turned out to be very helpful.
  • Ashley Northam has been exceptional to work with.
  • Quality providers and excellent customer service from the agency.
  • Experienced, knowledgeable, positive, and flexible therapists.
  • Kira! She is amazing and so willing to do “whatever it takes” to meet the unique needs in our rural communities.
  • Ruth’s professionalism, skill, and knowledge.
  • The candidates and hired staff from Hello have been high quality and have met our needs.
  • Staff is helpful and works as a team.
  • The SLPs are professional and are enjoyable colleagues.
  • Professionalism, genuine care for our students, professional growth contributions.

Finally, we always like to check in to see how our partners are feeling about the next school year. Is it early to do that? Well, when you consider that 68% of them responded that they’re anticipating staffing shortages next year, it’s clearly something that is already on their minds.

Thank you so much to everyone that participated! We understand this has been another difficult, unpredictable school year. We greatly appreciate every one of our partners that took the time out of their hectic days to complete our survey. We take all feedback very seriously and strive to make necessary changes to provide the best possible service to all students, staff, and families. Here’s to a second half of the school year full of great strides for kids!