2019 at THF: Quantity and Quality (VIDEO)

December 19, 2019 BY Kelly C. Bawden, MS, CCC-SLP

It’s the end of the year (the decade!) and far be it from us to bypass the trend of taking a moment to reflect and sum up the last 12 months of our work lives. We’re not widget makers or bean counters, so figuring out how to quantify what we do around here all day is a slightly daunting task. Evaluations and caseload numbers don’t tell the full story of 2019 any more than a standardized score alone describes a student. So naturally, we first turned to a more qualitative analysis. On our end-of-year survey, our staff wrote comments like . . . 
“I was able to have a baby and juggle it all by flexing my hours to accommodate nursing and snuggle demands!”
“With the flexibility of the Hello There model, I was able to work as a .8 employee and finish my dissertation in a year. There is an indescribable benefit to the Hello’s work/life balance model.”
“I was proud of the way our program in turned out at the Junior high school with a combination of pull out and push in services for students based on their individual needs and student directed goals. I was able to complete two medicaid evaluation reports to support students in getting communication devices.”
“So supportive during such busy times! Such positive colleagues, as well as flexible scheduling, have allowed me to work with my large caseload, and work during my pregnancy, with relative ease.”
Surely these things are at least as important as what the numbers say! And about those numbers? Not to brag or anything, but they’re pretty neat to see, too. Watch the video below to see how the math turned out.


The qualitative and the quantitative blend together to paint a 2019 picture that we’re proud of. THFers spent the year working with thousands of kids, giving their time and money to families in need, and making their schedules work for the people they serve and themselves. Cheers to the year we’re leaving behind and to the dawn of a new one 🥂 See you in 2020!