4 English Language Learner Podcasts Worth Listening To

April 17, 2014 BY Kelly C. Bawden, MS, CCC-SLP

One of the many specialities of our clinicians here at Hello Online is accent reduction. We have worked with folks who are native English speakers who are looking to modify their regional accent, and we have also worked with many people for whom English is a second language who are seeking to reduce the influence their native language has on their English. These English Language Learner (ELL) clients often ask for resources they can access to help them continue to improve their English. While there are many (many!) different resources out there, we’ve lately fallen in love with podcasts as a way for folks to access information on the go. Here is a round-up of the podcasts available for anyone looking to improve their English skills. All are free, available on iTunes, and many are available via a RSS subscription.

ESL Pod – A podcast run by 2 experienced English as a Second Language professors that provides English at a slower speed and teaches everyday phrases and expressions.

ESL Aloud – A simple podcast with sentences to listen to and repeat.

Culips ESL Podcast – A podcast out of Canada that focuses on everyday vocabulary and expressions.

English 2.0 Podcast – A podcast produced by an ESL teacher that focuses on how to pronounce words and conversational skills

There are, of course, many many more out there for listening, but this ought to be enough to keep you busy for a while!


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