Where in the World is Bob?

November 21, 2015 BY Renee Limon

The Hello Clinic’s one and only Bob Buckendorf has been a bit of a globetrotter lately. Do you know where in the world Bob has been? Take this quick quiz:

In October and November, Bob was in:
a) Serbia
b) Ukraine
c) Macedonia
d) Cuba
e) All of the above

If you picked that last choice, then you are right! If you don’t even know where Macedonia is, well, join the crowd.

Bob took two trips this fall, joined by a team he put together of special education, occupational therapists, and speech language pathologists to present and speak about disabilities and autism. In October, Bob visited Ukraine, Serbia and Macedonia. In November, Bob and Jolene went to Cuba. Both trips were arranged in partnership with CMDA.org.

Bob kindly shared some photos and interesting tidbits about these exotic locales.

Bob on Ukraine: “I ate lots of borscht and beets, and learned to love it. ukraine-meal

Serbia: My favorite food there was shopska salad: greens, mild white cheese and peppers.


Macedonia: The capitol, Skopje, is covered with hundreds of statues. I’ve never seen so many statues.


Cuba: Cuba is exactly like the travelogues with classic old cars. The fruit is delicious, ripe and fresh. We ate a lot of beans and fried bananas.

Cuba-carJolene 3

Bob and Jolene arrived back at the clinic on November 16, and have no travel plans in the near future. Phew!