Got spirit? The Hello Clinic does!

June 15, 2016 BY Renee Limon

What’s better than spirit day? Spirit week, of course.

What’s better than one week? Three!

Best of all? The theme ideas are the work of our friend Cameron*, a client of Kim Turner, who made this amazing video to tell you all about it.


First up is Milkshake Week, June 27 through July 1. We’ll be integrating a milkshake making activity into therapy sessions. If your child has food allergies or you want to opt out, just let us know. We’ll also have some dairy-free options on hand. While the milkshake activity is just for clinic clients, we’ll share our super Milkshake Week recipe so the whole family can whip up some milkshake fun at home. It’ll also give our young clients an opportunity to teach and share what they learned in the clinic.

Next month, we’ll give you all a full report on how the week went, and we’ll also share all of the deets on Pajama Week (slated for the week of July 18th)!

*This is a Cameron-initiated project. Both he and his parents have given the ok for this to be shared with the community.