Inside THF – Home Office Edition

June 2, 2014 BY Kelly C. Bawden, MS, CCC-SLP

One of the things we’re known for is our unique Distance Service model. Our school districts love it, we love it, and it’s generally a big love-fest around here when we’re talking DS. One of the things our clinicians love about it is that it allows them the opportunity to work from home for a few weeks every month, which, among other things, means that an opportunity to wear yoga pants all day for a few weeks every month 😉 It also means that you’ve gotta have a home office of some sort . . . somewhere with blazing internet speeds, good lighting so the kiddos and your assistant can see you on Skype, and enough flat space to spread out all of your papers. Beyond that, though, everyone’s needs are a little different. We thought it would be fun to ask our clinicians to send in pictures of their home work spaces so that we could have a peek into where the Distance Service magic happens. And because we’re all about sharing magic, we thought we’d share the pictures here, too.

So much to love about these. The hotel room. The airplane. The baby swing in the background. But you know what we love most of all? Each clinician’s unique way of going about the very important business of helping kids. That’s the good stuff!