“What happened to the wall?”

October 28, 2015 BY Renee Limon

“It’s so big!”

“Why did you paint the wall that color?”

“What are the extra rooms for?”

“What happened to the wall?”

“Who are you?”

The young people who visit The Hello Clinic have had a lot to say about the transformation of the clinic space that has taken place since July. There’s new carpet and fresh paint colors on the walls and double the amount of space, thanks to blowing out the original lobby wall. With the arrival of new furniture, the physical transformation is complete!

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Johanna is quite enjoying our new nursing/lounging chair :-)

Johanna loves our new nursing/lounging chair 🙂

Speaking of new spaces, have you had a chance to visit the “Nursin-Changin-Snackity Room”? If not, check it out. It’s the first door on your left as you venture into the newly expanded space. There’s a glider chair for babes who might need a quiet place to nurse. There’s a changing pad, some diapers and wipes on the counter. Hungry? There’s a snack fridge and a few tubs on the counter filled with healthy options for anyone who needs a little pick-me-up prior to their therapy session (yes, even you, mom!).

Another of the new rooms has a kitchen space to allow for feeding evaluations and to support special feeding needs. Yet another room features big windows with natural light, and offers a large therapy footprint, allowing plenty of room to move.

Jenny and Christy are giving the new swing in the motor room a try.

Jenny and Christy are giving the new swing in the motor room a try.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the warm and caring approach of the clinic. Bob, Laura, Kim, Kathleen and Jolene continue to deliver the exceptional care they are known for. The existing clinicians welcomed new SLPs in July: Jane Butler on Tuesday afternoons, and Lori Pastoor on Thursdays and Fridays. I am helping Jolene at the front desk. Jenny Peddicord is our clinical coordinator, and you will find her in the office on Fridays, or always just a phone call or email away. This fall we also have graduate students helping and learning with our SLPs several days a week: Sandra Durek (from Pacific University) on Tuesdays and Thursdays; and Charity Remy (from Portland State University) on Mondays and Wednesdays. Finally, we will welcome our OT, Christy Strange, to the clinic this week!

We also have updated our online systems, so that scheduling, billing and documentation are all online. Perhaps you have been receiving appointment reminder notices via email? Please let us know if you’ve had a change in email address, as we want to make sure our messages (and new eNewsletter) are getting through to you. The new system has had a steep learning curve, so we apologize if you have not received a bill in a while. We are working to master the new system, and hope to have bills coming out in a more timely manner over the next few weeks. We are so grateful for your patience.

The changes keep coming! If you haven’t stopped by, please plan to visit during our Open House on Monday, November 2, at 6pm. We’ll give you the grand tour!