April 2015 THF Clinician of the Month

April 9, 2015 BY Kira Wright, CCC-SLP

Sometimes we recognize clinicians for a recent event or effort, but this month it is the sheer volume of evidence accumulated over time that makes this person stand out. Karen Clifton was the first clinician to take a contract with our company 10 years ago, and since that time she has worked in a variety of placements and service models – from less than .2 FTE to near full-time!

A talented clinician, she is frequently asked to return to districts because of the deep relationships she forges with students and co-workers. But she has been thoughtful about her work commitments, and doesn’t hesitate to set boundaries that work for herself and her family. I personally love that when I talk to Karen about her work, it inevitably leads to a conversation about her family, her kids, her husband and his job, their home, and their plans for the future. These pieces of her life all play together in a balance that makes it all work! It’s never simple, but Karen has been a model for all of us working towards this kind of balance.