Hello Clinicians Learn Together

April 11, 2014 BY Gina Ossanna, CCC-SLP

Almost 30 Hello clinicians and their colleagues and neighbors came together last night for a presentation by Marydee Sklar on Visual Tools for Executive Functioning Success. Executive function is a topic we address more and more with teachers and students, but is also pertinent to our families, and our own struggles to be productive and fit more in to our busy days! Marydee’s smart and funny style engaged us on both a professional and personal level.

Here are some of the resources she referenced or recommended:

  • 50 Tips to Help Students Succeed – Marydee’s most recent book, providing concrete strategies in a quick, approachable format to help parents help their students succeed in school and life with a minimum of stress and conflict
  • The Miracle Cube Timer – Marydee’s recommendation to support task initiation (one small tip of the cube and you’ve started!)
  • Combination Clock/Timer/Stopwatch – the favorite tool that Marydee was wearing around her neck! She told us about setting the timer for 15 minutes before she has to leave so she can start the process of being on time!
  • Mindset – A book by Carol Dweck explaining how better understanding the brain can create a love of learning and a resilience that is more important in finding success than abilities or talent. 
  • David Berg – a multisensory, structured program for cognitive development in Mathematics (contact Marydee Sklar for recommendations on local trainers and practitioners)