Who’s ready for spring?

March 10, 2021 BY Renee Limon

This spring is feeding my soul in a way I didn’t realize I needed until I saw the first daffodils bloom in my yard. Do you feel the same? We knew the winter was going to be long, isolating, and hard. Check, check, check! So while I realize spring doesn’t actually start until March 20, we’re calling it right now and claiming this season for the benefit of our mental health. Are you with me?

Here are 5 things we’re excited about this spring:

In-person visits

Shhh. We’re doing what some businesses call a soft opening. During the first week of March, OT extraordinaire Christina started seeing some of her clients in-person back at the clinic. This is for several important reasons, the first being that telepractice just doesn’t work with some kids. We took a pause on seeing kids at the clinic last November when the governor mandated a work-from-home order. At that time, many of our kids paused services or switched to online therapy. We are now seeing that some insurance plans will no longer reimburse for online occupational therapy, so we wanted to make sure these clients are still getting served. While we’re not ready to bring all of our visits back in the clinic, it’s wonderful to have Lauren, Christina, and Jenny seeing a few families face-to-masked-face. All of our staff have now been fully vaccinated for COVID-19!

Photo of SLP Jenny and OT Christina wearing masks in office elevator.

Tulip craft

Spring bulbs are honestly the best flowers. You put them in the ground in the fall, and then pretty much just wait until they bloom in the spring. Tulips, crocuses, hyacinth, daffodils. I love them all! If you missed the planting window, you can cheat and buy some blooming bulbs at your favorite garden center and put them in the ground or enjoy them in pots/vases. Or if you prefer to keep your hands out of the dirt, try our tulip paper activity on a day when you’re feeling crafty. You only need a bit of colored paper, scissors, and a glue stick. This free downloadable activity highlights eight speech, language, and OT activities!

Top 5 PDX Parent Pick

Thank you to all the families who voted for us in the PDX Parent Pick survey. We appreciate you taking the time to honor the work that we do. So much has changed in the last year, and we are grateful for your continued support as we pivot and evolve.

Women’s History Month

We are a woman-owned organization and all in when it comes to supporting women’s achievements. Read up on the establishment of Women’s History Month, or learn about 10 really cool women who’ve made history in Portland. Sing it with me: Who run the world? Girls!

Getting back outside

When my kids were little they would go outside and play for hours at an imaginative game they called potions. Taking inspiration from the Charlie Bone books, they would make magical potions out of rocks, twigs, leaves, flower petals, and anything else they could throw in an empty yogurt tub and mix up into some wizardry. The longer days and sun breaks are such a welcome change from winter, so I hope your kids are finding ways to get outside and play when you are able.

Child's hands holing a seedling in a small pot.

Our clinic continues with our regular therapy schedule all of March and doesn’t take any spring breaks. Let us know if your family will miss any sessions. We all need a break from time to time, and we’re happy to work with you to reschedule sessions. Enjoy your spring!