The Big Clinic Remodel

September 8, 2015 BY Sharon Soliday, CCC-SLP

After, literally, months of planning and preparations, we are finally beginning to see the fruits of our labors.

The clinicians and leadership have worked hard not to disrupt ongoing therapy. We’ve strived to communicate with clients and staff all the good things to come. But with change comes the inevitable mess.

We were at the clinic several hours one night last week, working to organize and clean a bit. We knew clients would be arriving in the morning and clinicians would be striving to just find the materials they need to see clients. But I’m certainly not pushing to meet any master deadline. Change must partner with patience and deep breathing. It will all sort itself out.

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New furniture will arrive in the coming months.

All items will be sorted, prioritized, and stored as needed.

I’m working with engineering to have a hook mounted in the ceiling for an OT swing.

And eventually, we’ll hold an Open House to celebrate our accomplishments.

Because in the end, we’re doing this for kids, and celebrating our value of Putting Kids First.

In the short-term, we also need to remember our value of Practicing Work/Life Balance. Breathe deeply. Be kind to ourselves and others during all of this.

Change is messy.

But like the quote says, “Please excuse our mess. The children are making memories.”

Hello is making new memories, too. And it’s so exciting!