April 2014 Clinicians of the Month

April 10, 2014 BY Kira Wright, CCC-SLP

Heidi Peters and Gina Ossanna each took on a practicum student from PSU last term, and introduced them to the alternate reality that is Distance Service! The grad students were interested in learning about this kind of non-traditional service model, and were lucky to be able to collaborate with these competent clinicians!

“Like any other time I’ve had interns, it’s more work. You have to explain what you do while you’re doing it, justify why you’re focusing on this instead of that, etc. But she’s super smart, and keeps me on my toes professionally. And it’s fun to have someone to share ideas with,” said Gina.

Although they were initially wary – their students were part time, but came to their home offices, and never actually met the students in person! – both Gina and Heidi agreed that it was a valuable experience both for them and for the students!

Heidi had her student learn about scoring tests, writing reports, interpreting results, developing goals, writing present levels, and helping with lesson planning. She even arranged for her intern to get some assessment hours for completing an evaluation when a student from eastern Oregon was in town at OHSU. “Would I do it again? – Definitely!!!” says Heidi.

Thank you, Gina & Heidi, for demonstrating truly High Quality Service – with kids and future colleagues! Congratulations on being our April 2014 THF Clinicians of the Month!