Hello Presents – A Hello There Life with Nina

February 12, 2020 BY Kelly C. Bawden, MS, CCC-SLP

Sometimes, trying new things can be challenging. This is especially true if we have a way that we’ve always done things that we feel quite fine about. It’s super-duper true if the new thing is being forced upon us and we feel powerless. We develop a dislike of a new thing not based on its merits, but on the basic human emotion of “I don’t wanna.” We’ve all been there. And this is the situation that sometimes arises when school staff learns that their district has chosen to bring one of our Hello There clinicians into their building. 

We get it. Here’s the story of one school, one THF clinician, and how they found their way through those feelings to build a program that both students and staff have come to value. 

Teletherapy can feel intimidating and hard and weird and like it might make someone’s already challenging job harder than it needs to be. The truth is, sometimes all of those things are true and we’re not here to promise anything different. But what we can promise is that we’re going to keep showing up for kids and for staff. We’ll continue to listen and collaborate towards solutions for as long as it takes. We’ll keep the lines of communication open because, as Nina says, that’s the way to build trust and relationships.