Congrats to our new CCC-SLPs!!

June 1, 2016 BY Gina Ossanna, CCC-SLP



Rachel Allen, soon-to-be CCC-SLP


Jenna Geery, soon-to-be CCC-SLP

Well, there you go.  Two of our SLPs have completed their clinical fellowships.  We all know this is no small task.

Jenna Geery and Rachel Allen ran artic groups, social skills groups, stuttering groups, and language groups; they developed AAC systems, aligned their services with the Common Core, tested a bunch of kids, consulted with mommies and daddies and teachers and assistants, took data, and differentiated therapy so that each kid was working on their individual goals.  Oh, and they wrote reports and completed special education paperwork for 60+ kids.  I think they’re ready to be CCC-SLPs.

Congratulations Jenna and Rachel.  You are awesome. You are bold.  You’ve made us all at Hello very proud.