You’re wearing that? Oh, that’s right. It’s pajama week…

July 18, 2016 BY Renee Limon

Do you ever roll out of bed and wonder how you’re going to get dressed, get the kids dressed, eat breakfast, brush your teeth and make it to speech therapy on time? Well, this week, we’re here to help. We’ve declared it: Pajama Week! So keep up with the rolling out of bed, eating breakfast, etc. But please save yourselves a step and come to The Hello Clinic in your jammies. Not only won’t we give you any weird, judgey looks, we’re going to reward you for showing up in your bed clothes!

Cookie Monster is ready for Pajama Week at The Hello Clinic.

Cookie Monster is ready for Pajama Week at The Hello Clinic.

Yes, in case you missed it: The Hello Clinic is all about themed spirit weeks this summer, thanks to our friend Cameron*. In June, we brought you Milkshake Week. And now . . .

Pajama Week is July 18 to July 22. 

Ready for Cameron’s latest broadcast of The Hello Clinic News?

All you need to do is come to The Hello Clinic from July 18 to 22 in your favorite footy PJs, nightie, or robe. Feel free to bring a much loved stuffed animal or blankie. Moms, dads and siblings are encouraged to participate too, since everyone who dresses in their jams gets to enter our prize drawing. We’ll pick one winner from all of the entries after pajama week has finished.

*This is a Cameron-initiated project. Both he and his parents have given the ok for this to be shared with the community.