March 2014 Clinician of the Month

March 11, 2014 BY Kira Wright, CCC-SLP

Gretchen WalkerGretchen is a long-time Hello contractor, who has worked in multiple districts and shared assignments with many of us! In fact, in the time she has worked with Hello, her 2 sons have grown up and Gretchen has found herself with a little extra time and a yearning to spend it with little ones! Happily, our Hello “family” has many little ones who have been born over the last few years and among our clinicians, scores of young parents who appreciate Gretchen’s offers to hold their babies and play with their toddlers!

In the stories and comments we have gathered about Gretchen and her babysitting were countless anecdotes of Gretchen’s time giggling, holding, and playing with kids, the kids adoring her, remembering fun times with her, and asking when she would be back, and parents loving the moments of grown-up time afforded them!

Gretchen, we love that you are part of Hello, especially for the way you have chosen to balance work with life, while helping young families find that same balance! Thank you for exemplifying Life/Work Balance! Congratulations on being our March 2014 Clinician of the Month!