Tech and i-Device Resources from Lucinda!

April 15, 2011 BY Sharon Soliday, CCC-SLP

Lucinda’s tech and i-device resources from today’s Hello Live webinar.

These sites provide lists and reviews of iPad/itouch apps for SLP/Education/Sped:

Other Blogs/App reviews

  • Jeremy Brown’s App Recommendations for Students with Autism
  • Speech Techie offers excellent suggestions for apps for a variety of communication needs.
  • TiPS: Technology in Practice for SLPs Apps Lists: Artic/Phonology Language Organization
  • Apps for Children with Special Needs (ACWSN) – video app reviews
  • iPodsibilities
  • I Education Apps Review
  • E. Sailers List of iOS apps for SLPs (w/Samuel Sennott & David Niemeijer)
  • PocketSLP Speech Therapy Apps: Articulation, Minimal Pairs, Speech Tutor
  • GeekSLP/Smarty Ears Apps

Apps for Speech Therapists

  • Expressive (iOS) $34.99 purchase via iTunes App Store – AAC app featuring built-in image library, flexible & intuitive customization [import custom images, record audio, create folders, rearrange images, change background color], choice of male or female voice.
  • SpeechTechie App Reviews
  • Lillie’s iPad- Special Needs Resource for iPad
  • Moms with Apps
  • Babies with iPads
  • The iPhone Mom
  • Mitchell & Ferguson Jan. 9 2011 App Review List (downloadable pdf)
  • ConnSense Educational App List
  • Special Needs Apps For Kids


  • h (iPod native/iPad): keep track of therapy data with a tap, export to Google Docs- $2.99
  • Flipboard (iPad only)- read and interact with RSS, Twitter feeds like they are a magazine, way cool! FREE
  • Reeder (iPod/iPad): access RSS feeds, blog subscriptions and synch with Google Reader- $2.99/4.99 iPad
  • #1 Chronological Age Calculator – On the go and need to figure out someone’s Chronological Age? Our #1 Chronological Age Calculator is the easiest way, that’s why it’s #1. It automatically calculates chronological age when you enter or change the birth date. Do you need an age for an earlier date? You can do that too. Yep, it’s that easy. Compatible with iPad. Cost: FREE
  • Twitter or Tweetdeck (iPod/iPad): access your Twitter feeds, lists and messages from mobile devices- FREE
  • IEP Checklist (iPod/iPad): a tool for parents and teacher to consider as they develop the IEP. Can also be used to take notes in meetings or record the meeting into voice notes. It can export IEP checklists and notes. FREE
  • Reading Fluency Timer (Apple Macintosh OS X 10.5 or above so far): a tool for recording students reading a passage for one minute that they can play back and hear for themselves to analyze mistakes and then attempt a better time.  Compatible with many reading programs with a fluency component. $6.99
  • Kiddie Countdown Activity Timer – Timer that changes from green to yellow to red. A choice of auditory sounds (such as animals, horns, bells, applause) can be set to warn when time is running out as well as when time is up. Compatible with iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Cost: FREE
  • Word SLapPs – Upload your own images to teach customized vocabulary in an ABA styled approach. Record your own voice asking questions.  Compatible with iPad. Cost: $2.99.

Pediatric Apps

  • Pet the Animals- (iPod native/iPad, ages 1-6)- touch the screen and hear the animal sound/device vibrates; sound production, cause-effect, FREE, additional animals with in-app purchase, works offline
  • Singing Fingers- (iPod native/iPad, ages 1-8): Paint as you make sound, then play it back- FREE, works offline.  Great for teaching cause/effect.
  • Cookie Doodle and similar food apps from Maverick Software (e.g. More Grillin!) (iPod/iPad universal, ages 3-teen): design/cook a cookie and other foods from scratch, good for sequencing, description, pragmatics- $.99. works offline
  • Angry Birds- (iPod/iPad/Android/Blackberry? age 5-teen)- arcade game, can be adapted to work on turn-taking, cause-effect, spatial concepts, cooperative skills, concepts around physics- $.99, LITE version available FREE, works offline
  • Family Matters (iPod native/iPad, age 6-teen)- Conversation starters related to different locations, $1.99, works offline
  • Snow Globe Makers (iPod/iPad universal, age 3-teen)- Snow globe creators on various topics e.g. seasons, animals, locations.  Add items to globe and shake; concepts, description, associations, $.99, works offline
  • Peekaboo Barn (iPod/iPad universal, age 3-6) – Listen to the animal sound, open the barn door and see the animal. Great for minimally verbal kids (“open,” animal names, animal sounds). Also useful as an auditory processing activity (guess which animal is making the sound). Fun! $1.99
  • Elephant Song (iPod/iPad universal) – Very cute song about animals with all kinds of mistakes – elephants swing through trees, monkeys swim in oceans, and cats say cock-a-doodle-do. You can pause the song so your students can tell you what’s wrong and why. $1.99
  • Wheels on the Bus (iPod/iPad universal) – The popular song with a few new verses. Interactive – make the bus move, open/shut the door, beep the horn, etc. $0.99
  • Speech with Milo: Verbs (iPod/iPad universal, age 2-6)- Created by a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist to build language skills in children. This app is focused on action words.  Features an animated mouse that kids love. He demonstrates actions such as “running”, “hugging”, “skiing”. Instructions on app for parents and therapist. $2.99
  • Speech with Milo: Prepositions (iPod/iPad universal, age 2-6)- Created by a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist to build language skills in children. This app is focused on location words. Features the same animated mouse from the verbs app.  Great in therapy. He demonstrates prepositions such as “beneath”, “around”, “above”. Instructions on app for parents and therapist. $1.99
  • EasyKidTokens (Android) – A cute animated token board. You can customize the rewards, using your own photos. FREE
  • EasyKidTimer (Android) – A traditional visual timer. You can customize the picture and description of what’s coming when the timer runs out. $1.00
  • Verbs 1 HD/Verbs 2 HD/ Verbs 3 HD – 80 short videos per Verb App. listed alphabetically. Great for teaching verbs to young children or adults who need to learn to function independently at work, home, and the community. Compatible with iPad. Requires OS 3.2 or later. Cost: 1.99 per app.
  • Tap Fish/Colorful Aquarium for iPad Lite (iPod/iPad, age 2-adult) Design and take care of a virtual aquarium. Use categories (since you will be dealing with multiple fish from many categories) sequences (“First we put the fish eggs in the tank, then the fish are born!), develop vocabulary and verbs (as you can buy, clean, count, eat, feed, look and much more at the fish tank), descriptive (we can choose the big blue plant or the small green one), quantity (we don’t have enough fish, let’s add more), and spatial terms (does this fish like to swim at the top or the bottom of the tank?) regarding your aquarium, as well as reciprocal interactions during play. Free, works offline.
  • Touch Pets Cats/Dogs as a substitute (iPod/iPad universal, age 4-adult) allows you to adopt a pet and take care of it over successive visits- opportunity to model verbs and verb endings, withpet, play, feed, give, etc, cause-effect relationships: “Ohhh, she’s meowing BECAUSE she wants water.”

Apps for Older Children up to Adults

  • Verbally (available for iPad, age 8-adult) – Free AAC App for people who are literate. Has lots of nice options: three different keyboard layouts & a very clear design. Better than many other expensive apps available. Free, works offline.
  • Can You Find it? (separate versions for iPod/iPad, age 7-teen)- Follow complex conceptual directions to find an item, .$.99, works offline
  • Animalia (separate versions for iPod/iPad, age 6-10)- interactive version of book by Grahame Base- “Find over a hundred items scattered through the artwork – learn their names and hear what they sound like!” concepts, vocabulary, semantics, description, phonemic awareness- $2.99/3.99, works offline
  • Model Me Going Places (separate versions for iPod/iPad, age 6-teen) – social skills training, demonstrates appropriate peer behavior in different settings. FREE
  • Google Earth (iPod/iPad universal, age 7-adult)- Geographic web browser, great source of images to use in language stimulation, help students access social studies curriculum- FREE
  • Voice Cards (iPod native/iPad, age 8-adult)- “NOT flashcards”- record question/answer sets t
  • The Power of Voice (iPod native/iPad) Gives advice to adults as to how to avoid typical voice problems and how to minimize vocal strain $5.99
  • Free Your Voice (iPod native/iPad) a singing app that could be adapted to voice therapy, information on vocal chords – $5.99
  • Lemonade Stand (iPod native/iPad, age 7-adult) Plan and organize the management of a lemonade stand based on weather forecasts-$.99
  • Oregon Trail (iPod native/iPad, age 7-adult) Make decisions and solve problems while traveling out West- $.99