Announcing the Telepractice Training Course

March 18, 2020 BY Kelly C. Bawden, MS, CCC-SLP

As mentioned in our COVID-19 update post on Monday, we’re excited to announce that our Telepractice Training Course is now available to the public for the first time. We developed this 3-module, self-paced course to give our clinicians a comprehensive overview of the basics of telepractice and made the decision on Monday to share it publicly given the extraordinary circumstances we all find ourselves in. You can find more details about the content of the course here.  

We believe that students deserve ethical, high-quality service no matter what, and it is critical that clinicians and administrators do not lose sight of this amid the chaos of a global pandemic. It is with that spirit that we are offering this training:

  • To our current partner districts: access is available free of charge
  • To universities and school districts with whom we do not currently partner: access is available at a steeply discounted group rate. We are also offering telepractice consultative services at a discounted rate. Please contact us to discuss options and for a code for a free preview of the course. 
  • To individual clinicians: access is available for 50% off the normal price through 5/15/20 with the coupon code HELLOCARES

If you or your organization have any questions at all about pricing, consultation, or the course in general, please don’t hesitate to reach out. My colleague, Kira, wrote yesterday, “If I had tried to think of a scenario that would send telepractice training to the top of everyone’s wish list, I do not think in a million years I would have come up with ‘Global Pandemic.’ But here we are.” Indeed. Here we are, in a place that no one wants to be but where students still have a right to services and clinicians still have a passion for delivering them. So. Let’s get to it. All together now.