Did you know … ? Hello Online Has Stroke Specialists

December 11, 2013 BY Kelly C. Bawden, MS, CCC-SLP

Stroke is the leading cause of disability in the United States (American Heart Association Statistics Committee, 2013 Update), and having one can result in communication difficulties that may or may not include memory challenges.

The degree of communication and memory challenges a person faces following stroke vary based on the severity and location of the event in the brain. Just as no two people are the same, neither are any two strokes.

Memory challenges (also called cognitive challenges) sometimes linger long after other functions have returned, and they can be especially frustrating for both the stroke survivor and their caregivers. Our specialists are experienced in all aspects of aphasia and memory/cognitive rehabilitation. They specialize in helping clients identify specific aspects of their day-to-day lives that are problematic, and in creating unique treatment plans that are easily carried out by survivors and their caregivers. The features of our online therapy model let us “visit” our clients in their homes, allowing us the opportunity to work with clients in their everyday environment.

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