Eclipse watch: The Hello Clinic style

August 9, 2017 BY Renee Limon

Along with stargazers across the planet, we at The Hello Clinic wait with bated breath for the total eclipse of the sun on August 21, 2017. While our office is not in the path of totality, Oregon anticipates some 2 million visitors to come and check out the sky show in Salem, and other areas south of Portland.

For the month of August we are focused on safe, fun and easy activities for learning and talking about the eclipse.

Ready to watch all that you can see from where we are?

Safety comes first. Get ready by procuring and putting on your NASA approved solar-filtering safety glasses. Thanks to Kathleen’s web sleuthing we know that the peak of the eclipse happens at 10:18am for all of us in the 97223 zip code. What’s cool is that we have a full view of the partially eclipsed sun from our kitchen and kitchen balcony. Please join us if you’re up for catching the view and you have the appropriate glasses for all members of your family.

Need eclipse glasses?

Local libraries and hospitals are putting safety first and giving the glasses away for free. Here are some other local places offering deals and freebies

Got your eclipse glasses?

Let’s talk about this rare solar occurrence.

If you’re a visual learner, our August paper craft shows how the moon will block the sun. Thanks Carla, for setting it up!

Into the vocabulary around planetary movement, but not so sure about watching?

How about a eclipse-themed word search! We have plenty of copies available in our waiting room. Just ask.

Last but not least, Lori’s got some activities planned featuring shadow puppet theater and Oreo cookie phases of the moon. Yum!

Whether near or far, we hope you enjoy this amazing sky show and let us know what you think! We’re super excited to talk all about it!