Big Announcement: The Hello Clinic is Moving!

May 17, 2021 BY Renee Limon

Do you remember field trips from pre-pandemic times? Christina, Laura, Lauren, Jenny, Sarah and I recently went on one! And where did we go? We visited our new clinic space at 4900 SW Griffith Drive in Beaverton! Yes, that’s right. We are moving to a new space this summer, and have been doing serious spring cleaning in our current space, planning the new clinic layout, and working with our talented designer Meagan!

Staff looking at plans for new clinic layout

It was Sarah and Laura’s first time visiting the new clinic, and everyone got to pick their offices. Christina described the gym layout, and told us about the equipment we’ll be adding!

Clinicians looking at new office spaces

Christina and Jenny in new gym

Here are some things we love about our new space

We love that we are not very far from our current location at Lincoln Center, so our current families won’t see much of a change to their drive.

We love that we are on the first floor! No more schlepping kiddos and strollers up and down stairs or elevators that sometimes (often?) go on the blink.

We love that the new space is next to a city park so that we can get back to exploring the outdoors as part of individual and group therapy activities. We’re also close to restaurants and shopping areas so that families can easily run some errands while their kiddo is in therapy.

We love that there is a much larger area for our new occupational therapy gym! Christina has been so excited to design the OT gym of her dreams! Our beloved swing is making the move, and we’re adding some amazing additions including a climbing tower, hammock, foam steps with a slide, and much, much more!

We love that we have space for meetings, our own conference room, and our gym will do double-duty as a gathering space for year-round professional development events hosted by The Hello Foundation.

We love that there is just the right amount of office space for all of our clinicians, and we’ll have a kitchen so that we can continue to do feeding therapy. We’ll also have a large, sunny art room. With the vast increase in teletherapy services over the past year, we realized we could optimize and use a smaller space more efficiently.

Move timeline

As of right now, we’re scheduled to move our furniture and boxes in late June. We officially get the keys to the new clinic on July 1, however, we’ll make a switch to all online therapy during the move weeks. We’ll unpack and settle into the new space during the first week of July, and open up to in-person services in our new clinic starting Tuesday, July 6.

We’re also planning a festive Grand Opening event in August. Stay tuned for more details about that.

We hope that you will join in our excitement. We continue to pivot and embrace change during what can surely be called interesting times. Thank you for choosing us and celebrating this big transition.

we're moving july 1, 2021 4900 sw griffith drive #157 Beaverton, oregon 97005