Question of the Month: Skywriting or Snail Mail?

October 15, 2015 BY Kelly C. Bawden, MS, CCC-SLP

QuestionOfMonthWe started a new feature in our monthly newsletter last month called Question of the Month. As we move through this school year with our Communication Builds Community theme, we’re giving this a try as a way to engage with folks on topics that we all care about. And, when you’re talking about communication, especially in a school building, we all know there is loads to communicate about. How do people want to hear about all of that stuff, though?

In what will surely come as a shock to no one, our respondents overwhelmingly voted for email as their preferred mode of communication. Email is great for 1,000 different reasons, chief among them it’s convenience and efficiency.

That’s certainly the case around here at Hello as well, especially given the nature of our Hello There teletherapy work. We also, however, employ ye olde timey snail mail more than you might think. A long time ago, our CEO Sharon Soliday started sending paychecks wrapped in a little notecard. It’s a tradition that carries on to this day, and one that every new Hello staff remarks upon. The notes often don’t say much beyond, “Wow! You were crazy busy last month. So glad to have you in Montana this year!” or “We made it through September. Is the baby walking yet?! Send pictures, please!” But there’s a magic in those envelopes that no email will ever replace. In fact, I’m off right now to sit down and write some good, old-fashioned notes to Hello folks. Using a pen. And paper. I know. I’m a champion emailer, and it takes a concerted effort to make the time to write notes, but the folks I’m writing to are worth it. And the price of a stamp.

Big thanks again to all of you who took the time to answer the September question. May your emails be brief and responses be rapid, and may you find the time and space for your pen to hit the paper for a quick note to a colleague or employee in the very near future 🙂

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