The Hello Clinic Friendship Group Asks . . . Sink or Float?

May 13, 2022 BY Renee Limon

The Hello Clinic Friendship Group is a place where six- to seven-year-old kids meet once a week with the guidance of SLP Laura and OT Christina. They work together on skills that include taking turns, perspective-taking, and following directions. This week they decided to ask the question Sink or Float?

Making craft boats at The Hello Clinic for Sink or Float activity.

The fun got started by making boats with craft materials. The language skills the friends were working on here included following directions, taking turns, asking and answering questions, sharing materials, and making predictions. They also worked on fine motor skills like using scissors to cut the sails for the boats.

Child putting their boat in the water tub for float activity at The Hello Clinic.

Next, it was time to set sail on the high seas. During this part of our time together, we were focusing on turn-taking, supporting others, tolerating frustration, sharing observations, and making predictions. The first boat is afloat! Will the second and third boats float as well?


Child adding third boat to the two already floating in the Sink or Float activity at The Hello Clinic.

Three boats are afloat! Now it’s time to make some guesses. What will happen if we create a windy day on the water? One friend thought it might cause the boats to tip over, while another thought the wind might cause them to sink.

Child testing what happens when we add some wind to the boats in the water for the Sink or Float activity at The Hello Clinic.

Good news! All of our boats were able to float, even in the wind! And, more importantly, our friends got the chance to do a fun new activity while practicing their social language and motor skills.

If you’d like to try this Sink or Float activity, the directions for making craft boats are simple. You’ll need:

  • drinking straws
  • a pool noodle that you can cut 1″-2″ rings off of
  • craft foam
  • stickers

Once you’ve gathered your materials, follow these steps to assemble your boat:

  1. Cut drinking straws in half.
  2. Stick a straw in the top of a pool noodle ring.
  3. Cut triangle out of craft foam.
  4. Tape foam triangle to top of straw.
  5. Decorate with stickers.
  6. Float your boat in the water!

Let us know if you try this out at home. It’s an excellent way to practice your skills and play!