What a Celebration!

June 7, 2021 BY Kira Wright, CCC-SLP

Hello celebrated the end of the 20-21 school year this weekend at Rossi Farms. The setting was perfect and it was so great to see everyone in person!  We chatted, enjoyed great food, played cornhole, watched our End of Year video, and celebrated award winners. 

Our awards winners included: 

Clinic award: Lauren Forgione

CF awards: Kelsey Adrian and Karen Mossbarger

Attending every PD event: Carol Shapiro, Gretchen Walker, Kayla Jordan, Kelsey Simons, Lori Pastoor, Miranda Valle-Riestra, Rebecca Eldridge, Laura Hall

New to Hello There: Rebecca Eldridge

Shifting gears: Heather Emery-Hendrick, Dana McLain

Outstanding Creativity award: Helen Kennedy

We also recognized those who have been with The Hello Foundation for 5 and 10 years. 

Our 5 year-ers included: 
Sarah Lockhart
Lori Pastoor
Linda Huseby
Helen Kennedy
Aaron Waxenfelter
Jordan Lusk Rodriguez
Meagan Tuhy
Elsa Bro
Laura Holden
Renee Limon
Jenna Geery
Christy Strange
Chris Carleton
Lauren Forgione
Valerie Carleton
Tracy Adams
Jennifer Schmutzler
Magdalene Lima-Fiallos
Carla Asplund
Sandra Lucas

And our 10 year-ers are:
Ashley Northam
Darci Nielson
Gretchen Walker
David NT
Gina Ossanna
Heidi Peters
Kelly Bawden
Jenny Peddicord
Debbie Welch
Kirsty Lindaas
Wendy Gunter
Anka Sepulveda
Kalie Steele
Heather Higgins
Rachel Malmon
Sarah Blanchard
Christina Crouse
Kira Wright
Sharon Scheurer
Sharon Soliday

We appreciate the dedication of our staff and have started a new tradition of recognizing longevity with 5- and 10-year pins! 

2 small enamel pins on a denim jacket collar
We’re all off now to enjoy these last days of the school year and transition to summer break. Our hope is that everyone takes the time to have fun this summer and enjoy a different pace. We look forward to seeing our whole amazing crew again at our back-to-school event in August. It was a wild year with many struggles as well as silver linings… it’s time to welcome 2021-2022!