April 2016 THF Clinician of the Month

April 13, 2016 BY Kira Wright, CCC-SLP

Elsa Bro

Elsa began working for Hello last spring by bravely jumping into our Hello There model providing consult and supervision services to a district in central Washington. She came to us looking for something different and has since fully embraced what we like to call “the THF life” – being able to strive for excellence professionally, with the support to find balance and happiness and health personally.

Elsa has provided services this year to a diverse elementary and middle school caseload in Yakima, WA, and often returns from her onsite weeks flush with new clinical challenges and gushing about the hiking, biking, and winter sport opportunities she has found. She makes time to seek out support from colleagues and co-workers, and acts quickly on recommendations and learning opportunities. She recently wrote to us that, “Being encouraged by an employer to make space for things that keep me balanced is a first.” Thank you, Elsa, for reminding us how important that balance is!

We love that you are a model of Work & Life Balance! Congratulations on being our April 2016 THF Clinician of the Month!