What do you want to be surrounded by?

February 9, 2016 BY Sharon Soliday, CCC-SLP

Well, I’ve got an extra 24 hours this year thanks to Leap Year. Yeah, I would have preferred the 1.5 billion dollars in Powerball lotto but next to that, an extra 24 hours is pretty awesome. And I’m going to take full advantage of them.

February is the month I’m committed to de-Hoarding my office. My office is global world headquarters for Hello but it also holds my tax records, business books, lots of photos, those “to do” plans, two recycling bins for paper (when I’m just too lazy to take the first bin outside b/c of I’m “working”), 2 organizational closets that are full, a corner mini-office for Max, the dog, with dog blanket, toys, and bits of the outside he’s dragged in . . well, you get the idea. Things have got to go.

And that’s tough when almost everything you touch could be kept in the name of “well, I could use this . . . ”. But this time I’m approaching things differently. Instead of asking what should I keep, toss, or store, I’m asking myself what in life do I want to be surrounded by? And I’m coming up with warmth, humor, organized stuff. Which means I’ll likely pick up more of those plastic storage containers and de-clutter my nightmare bulletin board. However, I’m keeping some of my favorite cartoons. It’s a good way to find a smile midday.


One of Soliday's favorite cards

What will you do with the extra 24 hours this year? Consider prioritizing you in relationship to what’s important to you. And then let me know what you do with that time. I just might copy you the next month, leap year or not.