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  • Cracking the Remote Supervision Code

    The learning curve for supervising remote staff can be a rather steep one, especially when living in a “building-the-plane-while-we’re-flying-it” reality. The good news is that, while remote work may be a new frontier for many in public education, it is a well-established practice in other industries. In fact, before the pandemic, fully one-quarter of the… (read more)

  • The COVID Chronicles: Orientation, Back-to-School, and Continuing Ed!

    After 15 years in business, we have developed lots of great traditions around here. Many of our traditions are centered around coming together to celebrate or to learn, and as we all know, that “coming together” bit looks a little different these days. Despite the challenges presented by the need for social distancing, carrying on… (read more)

  • We Got This

    There is a tendency in times of upheaval and challenge to look for the meaning behind the strife or at the very least a lesson to be learned. Challenges force us to stretch and grow and change whether we want to or not, and often prompt us to reflect on where we’ve been and contemplate… (read more)