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  • Professional Growth + Lemonade: Light Summer Reads for SLPs

    Light Summer Reads for SLPs

    I am always trying to think of ways to improve my clinical skills, but summer is a time for me to recharge and, well, check out.  As Kira mentioned in her blog earlier this month, engaging in non-work activities is invigorating – it inspires creative thinking and energy that will fuel our productivity when we are back… (read more)

  • Summer – Explore, Connect, and Engage!

    Time to Explore, Connect, & Engage.

    Ahhhh…. summer! Extra time to check off my unfinished spring tasks? Nope, not for me! Taking the time to engage my mind in new and different ways pays off when I return to work rested and inspired.  As I look back on other summertime posts I have written (here, here, or here), my message has been surprisingly consistent: explicitly… (read more)

  • A Different Kind of 5 Year Career Plan

    5 Year Career Plan

    Sarah wrote a great blog post on how to ace a job interview and listed “Where do you see yourself in 5 years” as one of the most dreaded interview questions. I’ve been thinking about that question since I read her post and wondering how I’d answer it. She offers some great tips, suggesting that… (read more)

  • Sailing Through Summer!

    northwest reading clinic

    Today we’re sharing a special guest post by Sara Coffey, MAT, one of the fantastic licensed teachers at Northwest Reading Clinic, Inc. As parents and educators, most of us are familiar with the dreaded Summer Slide – the data indicating that a summer break from learning results in lowered skills in September, thus feeding the… (read more)

  • Summer Olympics Camp!

    Summer olympics camp at the hello clinic

    Go for the gold this summer here at the clinic! Whether you’re an existing client or just looking for a little extra boost while school is out, we’d love to have you join us! Contact us to register, to order the materials package, or with any questions you have about all of the awesomeness we have… (read more)

  • Hello Mudder . . . Social Skills at Summer Camp

    We have now officially entered summer, and that means that camp is in full swing for millions of kids around the country. There are so many options available to families — from day camp at the local rec center to months-long hard core adventure camps — but they all offer kids the opportunity to stretch… (read more)