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  • One Model, Infinite Implementations: 3 Winning Telepractice Designs

    3 winning telepractice designs

    Administrators and clinicians are asking questions about telepractice and how to use it in school-based settings across the country. These discussions are full of all sorts of calculations about money and time, assumptions about what can and can’t be done, and worries about what sacrifices must be made.   At Hello, we’ve been at this… (read more)

  • Give and Take: 3 Tips for Getting School Staff Flexibility

    staff flexibility

    You would think that by October, the schedule ordeal would be over.  But you would be forgetting that scheduling is never complete! There are changing service times, students making progress and graduating, and of course new referrals!   A lot to juggle  There are so many instructional priorities within the short school day, even at… (read more)

  • So You Have an Assistant, Part 2 – What Can They Do?

    In my first blog, I went over some terms related to speech assistants, gave a little background info about why there are different types of assistants, and hopefully got you set off on the right foot. This time, I’ll go a bit more in-depth about what assistants can do and supervision requirements. What I want to… (read more)

  • So You Have a Speech Assistant …

    Now what, right? If you’ve never worked with a speech assistant, you may be feeling anxious, excited, confused, or downright scared! That’s okay, that means you’re thinking about it. Hopefully, those thoughts are about how to make the relationship between you and your assistant one that will foster trust, honesty, flexibility, and, if not a… (read more)

  • Time for the Spring Check-In

    It’s usually after we’ve passed our 100th day of school and the Dr. Seuss birthday celebrations, but before the countdown to summer vacation really begins. This is the time that I prioritize a “Spring Check-In”. No matter if it’s your first year in your building or if you are a long-time stable force on the staff,… (read more)

  • October: A time for workload adjustments

    Adjusting your Workload

    It’s October. At most school-based sites, the gears are in motion by now. Though we may never feel really settled, most of our back-to-school activities are filed away for next year. Fall screenings are complete, parents nights and introductions have been done, our schedules have been tested and tweaked, and we may (especially if we are a… (read more)