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  • SPAW 2019: How THF School Psychs Find Their Focus

    The theme for School Psychologist Awareness Week (SPAW) 2019 is “Find Your Focus,” so we asked our THF school psychs how they find (and keep!) their focus in their work. Here’s what they had to say: Laura As school psychologists, we can get caught up in the hustle and bustle of busy workdays, demanding deadlines,… (read more)

  • Crisis Response and the School Psychologist

    crisis response

    It’s School Psychology Awareness Week! We’ve been taking this opportunity to recognize and celebrate all of the fantastic work that these unsung heroes of special education do. Today’s post, written before yesterday’s school shooting in California, was written by Autumn Schreiber, one of our stellar School Psychologists. Here, she shares some reflections on the recent mass… (read more)

  • Ask the School Psych – Problem Identification vs. Problem Solving

    Ask the school psych problem solving

    This post is the second in a series geared towards tackling some of the big issues school professionals have about supporting students for emotional wellness and success. You can read the first post here, or scroll down to read this edition’s big question . . .  An SLP writes: “I find that teams do not… (read more)

  • Learning Myths and the SLP – Our Takeaways

    We at Hello have been fascinated by a recent article by NPR that reveals some myths that we erroneously believe are what good learning looks like.  You can even take a quiz to see how you do! So, go take the quiz and then come back.  Don’t worry, we’ll still be here.  Then let’s go through each… (read more)

  • Ask the School Psych

    ask the school psych

    If you could ask a school psych about anything — supporting students, eligibilities, roles and responsibilities, trainings, programs, emotional wellness in kids — what would you ask?  We asked our colleagues here at Hello this question a while back and I received some really excellent questions. Here’s one of my favorites, asked by an SLP who has… (read more)

  • 3 Surprising Lessons About Psychological Assessment

    The Hello Foundation recently invited Dr. Tobias Ryan, PsyD, to come speak to our group for our Fall continuing education event. The topic? Practical use of psychological assessment. Although Hello is lucky enough to have two school psychologists on our team, most of our group consists of speech and occupational therapists. We sit in on… (read more)