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  • Eclipse watch: The Hello Clinic style

    Along with stargazers across the planet, we at The Hello Clinic wait with bated breath for the total eclipse of the sun on August 21, 2017. While our office is not in the path of totality, Oregon anticipates some 2 million visitors to come and check out the sky show in Salem, and other areas… (read more)

  • Summer – Explore, Connect, and Engage!

    Time to Explore, Connect, & Engage.

    Ahhhh…. summer! Extra time to check off my unfinished spring tasks? Nope, not for me! Taking the time to engage my mind in new and different ways pays off when I return to work rested and inspired.  As I look back on other summertime posts I have written (here, here, or here), my message has been surprisingly consistent: explicitly… (read more)

  • Step Right Up to the 2017 End of the Year Party

    Nina and Jordan Party 2017

    The Kennedy School gymnasium was transformed into a playful carnival Friday night to celebrate the successful conclusion of another Hello school year. A spinning wheel of prizes, photo station, giant jenga, cornhole, and a fun menu (complete with delicious centerpieces!) made set the scene. But the best part, as always, was the opportunity to get together with… (read more)

  • Camp Wheatley!

    Camp Wheatley

    Today we host a guest blog by Sarah Dunaway, an SLP completing her Clinical Fellowship year at the Wheatley School, a self-contained public school in Multnomah ESD that serves students ages 6-21 with significant needs. She is thrilled to be working on functional language and emerging social skills with her favorite population, students who are significantly… (read more)

  • Hello’s Spring PD Event: The Many Faces of Hello There

    This spring, we thought it would be fun to do a professional development event focused on our unique Hello There model, and explore how it works in different settings. Hello There, for those of you who don’t already know, is our hybrid service model that combines telepractice and in-person services for students throughout the West. … (read more)

  • Playing (and Learning) with Board Books

    We love a good book here at The Hello Clinic. We regularly clean out our local library shelves 🙂 But we love books even more when they lend themselves to interactive play. Pairing a favorite read aloud with themed play allows our kiddos to learn new skills in a structured format (the book) and then… (read more)