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  • Celebrate Everyday!

    Celebrate Everyday was this year’s theme for our annual event at the Kennedy School and we had plenty to celebrate! The 2018-19 school year saw success and innovation at The Hello Clinic and unprecedented flexibility and problem-solving from THFers in school districts across 5 states. We made candy leis, took funky photos, and enjoyed an… (read more)

  • Winter Revelry 2018!

    The Hello peeps spent last Saturday evening gathered together with our special people celebrating the arrival of the winter holidays and each other’s company. This year found us gathered at Henry’s Tavern, a new-to-us venue that provided good food, good drinks, and plenty of room to mingle (and play pool!). We carried our annual theme of… (read more)

  • Back-to-School Kick Off!

    It is never fun to say goodbye to summer, but we here at Hello try to make it as painless as possible with our annual back-to-school get together. This year, we gathered in the Game Lounge at the Hotel Vintage in downtown Portland for appetizers, desserts, drinks, and a few hours of catching up with… (read more)

  • Growing, Stretching, and Laughing Our Way to the End of the Year

    EOY 2018 - 1st Hello There Award

    It wouldn’t be June without our annual End-of-the-Year Party at the Kennedy School, and so party we did on Friday night! As a group of clinicians and support staff who work in different settings and at work sites spread across 5 different states, it is always delightfully fun to come together in a common space. We… (read more)

  • The Annual Holiday (Not) Party!

    Holiday party

    Sooo, you know that parties are kinda “our thing” around here. I mean, broadly speaking, fun is our thing. But parties are, by definition, fun. Ergo, we love parties. Our biggest party of the year is our annual holiday party. We invite guests, we dress up in shiny, ridiculous clothes that we otherwise wouldn’t wear, we do… (read more)

  • Step Right Up to the 2017 End of the Year Party

    Nina and Jordan Party 2017

    The Kennedy School gymnasium was transformed into a playful carnival Friday night to celebrate the successful conclusion of another Hello school year. A spinning wheel of prizes, photo station, giant jenga, cornhole, and a fun menu (complete with delicious centerpieces!) made set the scene. But the best part, as always, was the opportunity to get together with… (read more)