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  • School Admin Survey Results 2018

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    Happy New Year! Here at The Hello Foundation, we are very thankful for the wonderful School Administrators we work with. We appreciate all that you do to put kids first on a daily basis. We understand how stressful your jobs can be and truly value all that you do to make a difference! We are… (read more)

  • Wishes Granted

    Our Hello family partnered with Michelle’s Love this holiday season to provide gifts for a single mom fighting breast cancer and her two boys, ages 13 and 10. Michelle’s Love provides financial assistance, healthy meals and home cleanings to single parents undergoing treatment for cancer, and this is our second time supporting their amazing work.   … (read more)

  • Oodles of fun activities for your winter break

    The year is coming to an end. Know what that means? Time for a “Best of..” list! And since kids will be out of school in a few weeks, our list is filled with fun activities and crafts to fill your every day in a positive way. Not only will kids be out of school,… (read more)

  • Winter Revelry 2018!

    The Hello peeps spent last Saturday evening gathered together with our special people celebrating the arrival of the winter holidays and each other’s company. This year found us gathered at Henry’s Tavern, a new-to-us venue that provided good food, good drinks, and plenty of room to mingle (and play pool!). We carried our annual theme of… (read more)

  • Open Hearts, Open House

    We were delighted to have the opportunity to host an open house and have that rarest and most wonderful of human interactions: face-to-face chats with referring providers and clinic friends. Over appetizers and drinks, after a long and satisfying work day at the clinic, Jenny, Alice, Christina and Lauren sat down and spent quality time… (read more)

  • Poll: What should school leaders be doing every day?

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    There is a lot out there on the internets about the qualities of a good boss. Inc ranked their top 10 traits of a good boss as Empathy, Trust, Loyalty, Discernment, Insight, Character, Reward, Relationship, Honor, and Conviction. Ok sure. We agree with that (even if our inner SLPs want to nitpick that those words aren’t,… (read more)