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  • Unbreak Your Brain: 3 Tips for Surviving Our Second COVID Spring

    Unbreak Your Brain_ 3 Tips for our Second Covid Spring rainbow

    The spring season in special education always feels a little bit frantic, but this year . . . well, this year is really something special. As we wrote in February, life in the Covid era means there can be a tectonic shift on any given day. Aside from all of the usual spring tasks, simply… (read more)

  • Uncertainty Fatigue: Supporting Staff A Year into the Pandemic

    Uncertainty fatigue is real. It has been nearly a full year since the pandemic abruptly upended education and for many of us, things feel only marginally more settled today than they did in those early days. The routine is now all too familiar: just when we feel like we have a handle on things, someone… (read more)

  • Teletherapy and Screen Time: All Screen Time is Not Created Equal

    teletherapy and screen time

    Navigating screen time is one of the biggest challenges facing educators and parents today. There has never been a one-size-fits-all answer and the situation got much more complicated once Covid arrived on the scene. Prior to March 2020, it was not uncommon to hear refrains of “We’re trying to cut down on screen time, and… (read more)

  • Helen’s Here to Help You Up Your Speech Therapy Virtual Background Game

    helen with articulation practice page virtual background

    Even with her years of telepractice experience in the schools, SLP Helen Kennedy worried last spring when she was faced with serving her caseload of young, active students online, from their homes. As she scrambled to find fun new ways to gain her students’ attention, especially her youngest preschoolers, she stumbled upon virtual backgrounds and… (read more)

  • We’re Pausing In-Office Visits

    Graphic with text: In-clinic visits paused with The Hello Clinic logo

    Public health is a concept few of us gave much thought to prior to the pandemic. Now it’s part of our daily lives. Fall is when we often see an increase in cold and flu infections. We’re also witnessing a dramatic increase in Oregon’s COVID cases over the past few weeks. Throughout the pandemic, we’ve… (read more)

  • A Brief Primer on HIPAA and FERPA in the COVID Era


    In my role as Director of Operations here at Hello, I quite often field questions about HIPAA and FERPA. Today I’d like to share some of my personal knowledge of these two federal laws and how they apply to speech pathologists, occupational therapists, and school psychologists working in public schools. I am not a lawyer… (read more)