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  • 6 Dos and Don’ts of COVID Compensatory Services

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    The school year is well underway, and for many students and their families, that means a long-awaited return to the classroom. For students who receive special education services, this fall also brings conversations of compensatory (or recovery) services to mitigate losses incurred while COVID kept them out of school buildings.  Discussions about compensatory services during… (read more)

  • Approaching Uncertainty, Again: 3 Tips for Back to School 2021

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    I usually love the excitement of the back-to-school season. It is a fresh start for everyone, filled with optimism and epitomized by clean notebooks, sharpened pencils, and new bulletin board decorations. This year, it seemed like it would be extra special. We had somehow made it through last school year, as tough as it was…. (read more)

  • COVID Clinical Fellowship – A Unique Perspective

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    Part of my job is mentoring SLPs who are completing their Clinical Fellowship. I will be honest – these clinical fellows are light years beyond where I was when I graduated 22 (gulp!) years ago. Their clinical skills and professionalism amaze me. This past year, we all experienced speech/language services through a pandemic, but it… (read more)

  • Unbreak Your Brain: 3 Tips for Surviving Our Second COVID Spring

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    The spring season in special education always feels a little bit frantic, but this year . . . well, this year is really something special. As we wrote in February, life in the Covid era means there can be a tectonic shift on any given day. Aside from all of the usual spring tasks, simply… (read more)

  • Uncertainty Fatigue: Supporting Staff A Year into the Pandemic

    Uncertainty fatigue is real. It has been nearly a full year since the pandemic abruptly upended education and for many of us, things feel only marginally more settled today than they did in those early days. The routine is now all too familiar: just when we feel like we have a handle on things, someone… (read more)

  • Teletherapy and Screen Time: All Screen Time is Not Created Equal

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    Navigating screen time is one of the biggest challenges facing educators and parents today. There has never been a one-size-fits-all answer and the situation got much more complicated once Covid arrived on the scene. Prior to March 2020, it was not uncommon to hear refrains of “We’re trying to cut down on screen time, and… (read more)